High School Summer School

9th Grade Jump Start
August 14 & 15 (Stadium July 14 Only)
8:00AM – 11:30AM

This summer program is packed with information. An increased academic workload and new ideas introduced can make the high school transition a challenge. This program is an opportunity to start developing the skills needed to be successful. Students receive help finding classrooms, opening lockers, navigating the cafeteria, and they'll meet classmates and teachers.

All incoming 9th graders at our five comprehensive high schools are automatically registered for Jump Start and encouraged to attend.

Jump Start Transportation

Credit Retrieval

Credit Retrieval will be held be held at our five comprehensive high schools and Tacoma Online. Some programs will be in in-person and others held virtually. Students identified by their schools that need to take summer classes will be highly encouraged to sign up and get registered for classes.

Who? Students identified by counselors that have failed 1st semester and/or are credit deficient. Counselors and summer school facilitators will contact the parents to enroll.
When? Dates vary by school, find your school's schedule below.
Where? In-person and Online

Credit Retrieval Program Schedules

Credit Retrieval Frequently Asked Questions

School-based Programs

Foundations for the Future Community Based College and Career Readiness Course

This course is a combination of synchronous (whole class together or in small groups) remote and asynchronous (independent) remote lessons and activities focused on strategies-based learning with a civic engagement focus. The course is designated to support college and career readiness and independent learning strategies. There will be various ways to engage and complete the required content. Evidence of high-level critical thinking, skills development, and applications of skills are required to successfully complete this course.

Synchronous activities will happen most Wednesdays and Fridays. Registered students will receive an electronic calendar of events and other course information. Students will need their TPS assigned 1:1 laptop for this course. 

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