Vocational & Trade School

person welding

Do you already know you want to be a medical assistant, pharmacy tech or massage therapist? If you’ve selected a specific career -- ranging from cosmetology to criminal justice to design or health fields -- then a vocational school may be the right choice. 

There are more than 1​0,000 technical and vocational schools nationwide that offer career-oriented programs with virtually all areas of study related to specific occupations. The programs range in length and cost, and there are dozens of schools in Washington state to choose from, including Bates Technical College and Clover Park Technical College.

  • Alternative Medicine Schools
  • Bartending Schools
  • Business Schools
  • Computers & Information Technology Schools
  • Criminal Justice Schools
  • Dental Assistant Schools
  • Electronics & HVAC Schools
  • Healthcare & Medical Schools    ​
  • Insurance Coding Schools
  • Paralegal Schools
  • Nursing Schools
  • Pharmaceutical Schools
  • Photography Schools
  • Private Investigation Schools
  • Telecommunications Schools
  • Travel Schools
  • Web Design & Web Management Schools

Many vocational schools are for-profit, so check the rate of graduates' job placement and see if credits can transfer to other institutions if you choose to pursue further education. For a full list of vocational schools in Washington, check out Real Work Matters.​